Frequently Asked Questions

Trial fonts


At NaN, the licensee is the Brand Company, the end-user who’s using the Font for the communication of their brand. So if you are a designer or an agency, they’ll likely be your client, and you won’t have to pay anything.

The employee count is the total number of employees, subcontractors included, of the end-user.

Let’s imagine a Nook company with 140 employees, working with design agency BrandLords of 8 employees for their rebrand. Nook will have to choose the tiers the closest to 140+8=148, e.g. <200 employees at the moment of purchase, which will let room for their company to grow without them having to upgrade their license.

We believe that the number of persons installing the fonts on their computers doesn’t reflect how much a font will be used or not. Thus our license doesn’t take into account how many people are in your graphic design department or how many people will use the fonts, but the total number of your employees, whatever their job. So if you have 43 employees, you’ll need to select the license for up to 50 people.

Yes you can, you just need to feel in your client’s company details at the moment of purchase. But know that by doing so, you legally bind them to our license, so they should be aware of it.

You can also prepare a cart with the proper font and license selection and send it to your client for them to finalize the order. To do so, use the “Copy link to this cart” button in your cart page.

No, our license covers every designer and agency working for a company, so as a designer you won’t need to order your own license. The licensee will only need to take care to count these designers in their final employee number when choosing their license tiers.

You can share your fonts with as many subcontractors as you want, working remote or on-site, as long as they only use the fonts for projects on your behalf, and as long as you count said contractors in your employee number.

If your employee number reaches above 20% more than the upper limit of the license tiers you chose at the time of purchase, then you’ll need to update your license to the tiers directly above. You’ll only need to pay for the difference. Please contact us at [email protected] for such update.

If you purchased a font prior to June 14, 2023, our previous license (V1.2) will still apply to your order and remains valid. But if you exceed some of the metric limits underlined in our previous license system (link) (number of web visits, followers on social media…), then you’ll need to upgrade to our simpler V2 license system. Please send us a message.

You can at any moment upgrade your license in any number of styles or writing systems bought. The price of your previously bought styles will be subtracted from your new order. To do so, write us an email.


Our pricing model only takes 2 metrics into account: the size of the end-user company and the country of residence of said company. We don’t charge per media, per user or per visitor and only offer 2 license types: Basic or Extended.

As a huge international company will make more use and extract more value from the same typeface than a small neighborhood one, we believe that the typeface price should reflect this difference in the value fonts can provide for a company. To measure the size of a company, we use one single metric: the number of employees (taken in a broad sense, including freelancers and subcontractors). This metric might not be perfect but it still reflects how big a company is and how much value it will extract from a font.

We also decided to take into account the country in the which a company operates. Because one coffee in London doesn’t cost the same than one coffee in Teheran, we don’t see why it should be the case for typefaces. Our Font Fair Pricing allows us to offer our fonts with prices aligned with the average cost of life in each country, which we think is only fair.

Our FFP model is based, but not exclusively, on the data provided by the World Bank for their Purchasing Power Parity model. This data is calculated by comparing the price of a given basket of goods at one location with the price of an equivalent basket of goods at a different location. It allows to compare the cost of living between different places and for us to offer fonts at an equivalent relative price depending of ones location. This model is not perfect and the data might not be complete. If you observed that the price you’re offered doesn’t match the economic reality of your country, don’t hesitate to write us an email and we’ll do our best to correct this.

Sure you can! Our shop uses a crude localization to show a preview of your Font Fair Pricing savings, but you’ll be able to set up a custom address and country for the licensee’s company at the moment of Checkout. Only at this moment will you be able to see the final price of your order.


We offer credit card payment through Stripe or Apple Pay.

We offer wire transfer payments for orders above €2500. When paying by wire transfer, your order is validated and fonts delivered only after reception of the payment. If you happen to want to pay via wire transfer for orders smaller than his amount, configure your order till the checkout page and then just send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll send us our bank details for you to finalize it.

Language Support

Yes you can. We provide a detailed pdf technical specimen for all of our fonts. You can download it on each font page, in the info panel on the top right of the page. It features a detailed list of each supported language and a full character set view for each type family.

Every of our fonts is delivered with a full extended Latin character set. So you don’t need to order the Latin on top of any other script.


Support, modifications and custom

Besides our traditional trial fonts, we do offer trial fonts with a full character sets, that we call Pitch Fonts. You can order them for a 70% discount through our normal ordering process.

We do offer technical support, exports of different formats and technical adaptations of our fonts, but they consists on technical customization and will come with an increase of price.

You can edit the outlined path of our fonts in your design tool of choice as long as you don’t generate a new modified font filed from said outlines. You’re not allowed to edit or reverse-engineer the actual font files themselves. You’re also not allowed to convert our font files in other formats using an online or local tool or software.

We’ll be happy to customize any of our fonts to fit your needs more closely. This goes from altering the style of an existing font of our collection, its proportions, its weight… We can also create a brand new and exclusive typeface for your brand. Please write us for such project at [email protected].

We can extend the language support of any of our fonts with the script of your choice while working with specialists. If you feel such need, please write us at [email protected].

Still not sure if we answered your question or if you perfectly understood our license system? Drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help you.