Trial fonts


Fijit is Fitbit latest gameband that’s powered by movement. We worked with Studio Koto to create Fijit’s unique wordmark and a distinctive headline font to carry their brand values. The wordmark applies a modular and falsely simple approach to the letters composing the brand name, allowing for a dancing game between the tittles. The upside down second /i is transvestite as an exclamatory mark, doubling down on the brand dynamism, enhanced by the subtle perspective along the which the word is drawn.

We based our work on the custom font on the brand’s playfulness, boldness and dynamism. The distinctive squircle shape of the screen was our starting point to draw a bold titling sans serif with unexpected rounded counters. The solid proportion of the font are made to help it work on superposition of Fijit’s dynamic backgrounds and images.

Custom Typeface
Year: 2023
Client: Fitbits

Agency: Koto
Team: NaN, Koto