Walkie Talkie

Trial fonts


Walkie Talkie is the voice-based social app where people tune in to hang out. After quick growth, they needed a fresh brand to turn up the dial on what makes them special: authenticity, openness and a whole lot of spontaneity. Cutting through the noise of other social apps, we built a strategy inspired by the Third Space. A place where people come together to enjoy each other’s company, away from the pressures of home and work.

Together with Koto Studio we imagine an animated variable font referencing LCD clock displays. The iconic segmented figures were the starting point of a typeface that grew into a full alphabet and even a set of smiley and icons drawn using the same segments. The font, from its main use on the dial display allowing to switch between channels in the Walkie Talkie app, became the main titling font of the brand, carrying their slightly retro identity effortlessly.

Custom Typeface
Year: 2022
Client: Walkie Talkie

Agency: Koto
Team: NaN (Luke Prowse, Fátima Lazaro, Jean-Baptiste Morizot)
Images: Koto