Fair Font Pricing: making fonts more accessible the world over.

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Tailored To You

We believe in fairness and accessibility. That’s why we’ve introduced Fair Font Pricing, which adjusts font prices based on your location. Simple as that.

A cup of coffee varies in price from country to country. So why shouldn’t fonts?

With FFP, the price you pay reflects the purchasing power in your country, ensuring affordability no matter where you are. For example, customers in the UK enjoy a 6% price adjustment. This is our way of making top-quality fonts accessible to all. Final prices are confirmed at Checkout.

Committed To Fair Play

NaN’s Fair Font Pricing is backed by real data, including the World Bank’s Purchasing Power Parity indexes. This ensures prices that reflect your location’s real-world economic conditions. Our model is designed to be fair, transparent, and simple, making high-quality fonts accessible to everyone, everywhere.

A License Price Aligned With Your Company Size

With NaN, the licensee is always the end-user. If you’re a designer or agency, this is typically your client. This means you won’t bear any costs yourself.

Our commercial license is based on your company’s size and is calculated using a straightforward metric: the number of employees. This includes everyone, even if an agency is purchasing on behalf of a client. Stress-free. No hidden fees.

This ensures that our fonts are accessible to businesses of all sizes, with adjustments for country of residence to keep pricing fair.

Your Needs Covered

NaN offers a range of licences to suit your every need. All our licences are perpetual, meaning there will be no unexpected costs down the line. Read our EULA for more information.

Commercial License
Our all-inclusive license.

Full Trial/Pitch
Access to complete, full-featured fonts for internal trial and pitch purposes only at a 70% discount.

Students & Educators
80% discount, no questions asked.

Charity & Social Enterprise
50% discount for registered charities, non-profits or social enterprises.

Free trial fonts
Try all our font for free.

Fewer Options, Fewer Worries

For Commercial Licenses, we keep things as simple as possible. No insanely complex extras. Just two simple, comprehensive options. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Basic Coverage
Ideal for most communication needs, this covered Print, Web, and Social Media.

Basic + Extended Coverage
For those needing a bit more, this license includes logo use, software and hardware embedding, merchandise, and even usage in streams, TV, or movies.

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FAQs: Everything You Need To Know

Ordering for a client? 
Just fill in your client’s details at purchase, and you’re set. We even have a handy ‘Copy link to this cart’ feature for ease.

Struggling to calculate the employee count? 
Include everyone in the end-user’s organisation (designers and subcontractors too). Our licensing is based on total company size, not individual font users.

What if my client’s company grows? 
No worries. If the employee count increases by more than 20% past your license tier, just upgrade to the next tier, and your client will cover the difference.

Got more questions or need to adjust your license? Find more answers in our long form FAQ or drop us an email at [email protected].