Wise was launched 12 years ago, and the private banking market has never been the same since.

By changing how the world moves its money – making it even faster, cheaper and fairer than banks ever would – Wise has already empowered over 16 million people, saving them £1.5 billion (compared to bank fees) in 2022 alone.

Working with Ragged Edge to help direct the shift, Wise’s disruptive attitude continued when the brand pivoted from being a money transfer platform to a fully-fledged banking service. Beginning with a redrawn logo, we collaborated with the London-based design agency to craft a modification and extension of Feliciano’s Parafina typeface for the brand – expanding its language support to 361* different scripts across Latin, Cyrillic and Greek, whilst providing countless adjusted currency symbols alongside the basic Latin set.

In addition to the sans serif’s more rigorous, pragmatic functions, we also introduced a finely tuned set of custom alternates, carefully adjusting the regularity of their appearance in words and how they would integrate across a body of text. For this purpose, we developed a clever set of ligatures and contextual alternates, ensuring every letter combination and every word would look just right. The result? An original, proudly contemporary brand outfitted with a meticulous, marvellous custom tilting typeface.

We’re delighted to help inform and evolve the aesthetic landscape of financial institutions, helping once again prove that titling fonts can and should be done with care and precision.

Custom Typeface
Year: 2023
Client: Wise

Agency: Ragged Edge
Team: NaN (Luke Prowse, Daria Cohen, Léon Hugues, Jean-Baptiste Morizot), Ragged Edge