The Outernet

Trial fonts


We partnered with DBLG to give the Outernet, a new live-music and shopping venue in the heart of London, a distinctive typographic voice.

With its unique 200m screen façade the Outernet needed a strong type presence as a glue to bring together a palette of diverse visual materials.

Aiming for a digital-first application we took advantage of variable font technology to create a display monospace family allowing animation in weight while keeping the same width. This titling family inherits from the coding font vernacular, doubling down on the tech-oriented physical internet identity of the venue. A second calmer proportional sub-family was created to undertake the job of setting longer form copy.

Custom Typeface
Year: 2021
Client: The Outernet

Agency: DBLG
Team: NaN (Florian Runge, Luke Prowse)