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Developed in conjunction with Luke & Jody at Pentagram we designed a new violent typeface as part of wider identity work for the Total War: Warhammer III game.

Our ‘Chaos’ typeface takes inspirations from the vernacular of fantasy war, rooting itself in engraved typography but using a geometric approach and modern character proportions to convey a contemporary mix. The glyphic base style, with its blade-like serifs, tapered strokes and dynamic mass of diagonal rhythm, embraces the visual aggressivity of the knife and magic war whilst still feeling solid and dominant.

This ‘grimdark’ family consists of three optical weights optimised for display and text usage at either end by scaling the amount and presence of the sharp detailing. This allows the full extent of the characterful personality and unique flourishes to be seen at large-scale campaign level whilst maintaining the style’s ability to functionally work at smaller sizes and ensure it was possible for the typeface to be used in-game.

Custom Typeface
Year: 2021
Client: Warhammer

Agency: Pentagram
Team: NaN, Jack Llewellyn
Luis Gutiérrez
Albert Sanjuán
Ceri Stock