Costa Coffee

Trial fonts


Revolving around ‘The Wave’, our broad, bespoke and beguiling font family for Costa centres around a unique, undulated graphical intervention, drawing on the distinctive energy and aromas of Costa’s offering.

Analysing Costa’s needs to support a wide range of expressions and use sizes, from packaging to apps, websites, and ad campaigns, we decided to build two families with efficiency in mind, respectively dedicated to titles and texts. The skeleton of this family is a humanist sans-serif, bringing a subtle personality through slightly calligraphy-inspired detailing and enhanced legibility.

Developed from the project’s early stages, one of the main challenges was the comprehensive language support required for such a global brand, resulting in the typeface’s translation into Arabic, Cyrillic, and Greek scripts on top of an extended Latin character set.

Custom Typeface
Year: 2022
Client: Costa

Team: NaN (Luke Prowse, Jean-Baptise Morizot, Florian Runge), Naima Ben Ayed, Rosalie Wagner