Frequently Asked Questions

Trial fonts


Who needs a license, me, a designer, or my client?

Can I, as a designer, order a license for my client?

How should I choose my employee count?

My company has 43 employees but only 5 of them will use the font on their computers, can’t I just order a license for 5 users?

But wait, do I need, as a designer, to order a license on top of my client’s?

Can I share my fonts with my subcontractors?

What if my company’s employee number grows?

What happens to the license I bought before NaN license update of the 14/06/2023?

I made a first order with only one style and would now like to update my order to the full family, can I do that?


How does your pricing model work?

Where do you get your data from to calculate your Font Fair Pricing?

I’m currently in Country X but would like to buy a font for a company based in Country Y, can I do that?


What payment options do you offer?

Can I pay with a wire transfer?

Language Support

Is there a way for me to know the exact language support of one of your fonts? And to have a view of its full character set?

Is a basic Latin included in the fonts with the other scripts you’re selling?

Support, modifications and custom

I find your trial fonts limited, can you offer them with more characters?

Do you provide your fonts in other formats (e.g. .otf, .woff…)?

Can I modify one of your fonts myself?

Then, can you modify one of your fonts for me?

Can you add another script to one of your fonts?

Still not sure if we answered your question or if you perfectly understood our license system? Drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help you.