NaN is an exploratory and service-driven type design practice, creating for (and collaborating with) the weird, the wise and the wonderful ☻

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Font update: NaN Tragedy Mono

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The Automatic Shepherdess

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Welcome to Fair Font Pricing – our very own licensing model which adjusts font costs from country to country, making high-quality fonts accessible to everyone, everywhere. Fair, transparent, and simple.


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We modified and extended a world-ranging typeface for the global banking company, packed with alternates, ligatures and monetary symbols.

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Introducing NaN Metrify, our biggest release so far

NaN Metrify is NaN’s behemoth, no-bullshit take on the Neo/Grotesk sans-serif genre. Known for our library of wild horses, we thought it was about time for a workhorse or two (or three, in fact), and we ended up with quite a globe-hopping rogue of an equine at that. Neo-grotesks, through their role in contemporary design history, and their place in visual culture, represent an ubiquitous genre. Systemised and global, NaN’s approach is, in part, an answer to contemporary branding challenges. With nine widths, six weights and corresponding matching italics for each – bringing the number of styles to 108 per ABC version – plus standard versions available in Arabic, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Pan-African and Thai, Metrify is our first world-type family.
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NaNtxt009: Distant Relations by Kate Rogers

A bath bomb in my local chemist gave me pause for thought. It was formed into the shape of a smiley alien’s head; a classic Grey (although green) with a NASA logo stickered squarely between its eyes. I found it funny. NASA builds rockets and bath bombs – both are quite ‘science-y’, the position of the logo suggested the bath bomb had been used for target practice, or maybe the alien been playing with some kind of ‘which [space agency] are you?’ social media filter. The humour was short-lived; the current rhetoric surrounding real human aliens is appalling.
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Are you a student? Get 150 fonts for €50 (instead of €6000)

For a fixed, one-off price of €50, you’ll receive fonts from every type family that NaN has to offer.

As a student, you can use this for everything – from university, college, or personal work to small commercial projects. It’s as easy as that!

Plus, our Back-to-School Font Pack is sold under the conditions of our Fair Font Pricing. This means that the cost differs from country to country, ensuring it’s affordable no matter where you are.

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