About Us

Service driven design with an experimental edge.
Berlin-based but with an international clientèle.

Luke Prowse, Founder

Luke has designed typefaces for some of the biggest brands and organisations in the world, spanning consumer electronics, broadcast television, FMCG’s and various cultural institutions. He began his professional career at sixteen as a developer before working across a breadth of visual design for agencies in Paris, London and Berlin.

Luke founded NaN in 2020 with the aim of working with people equally curious in the stories type can help tell.

Marcus Piper, Australian Associate

With over two decades experience in setting type and a trophy cabinet of global accolades – NaN’s Australian Associate, Marcus Piper, has paginated his way into design history. Through his art direction of magazines such as POL Oxygen and CRAFTS (The British Crafts Council magazine), his leading hand in the marque that places London’s SOMERSET HOUSE at home and a swagger of clients ranging from start-ups to Swarovski – Piper is rare force in communication design.

For new business enquiries email us at info@nan.xyz or find us on +49 1767 7888 5269 (Berlin) or +61 478 060 785 (Sydney).