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NaN is an exploratory and service-driven type design practice balancing weirdness and wisdom. Together with our wonderful rag-tag team of collaborators, crew and clients, we explore the relationship type has with code and technology – delivering projects with purpose. Find us at the intersection of serious and slaphappy.

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For new business enquiries email us at [email protected]

NaN c/o Fabriken
Weichselplatz 3
Berlin 12045

Services, Support & Collaboration

Tired of unoriginal gift ideas? Try a custom font! NaN provides creative type services to produce unique and ownable typographic assets that set you apart and make your competitors and step-mother jealous. Willing to craft the story you wish to tell? Contact us and let us draw some never-seen before letter shapes together.

Discover our tally of select past projects.

Services include: logotype refinement, creation of custom fonts, custom cuts of our retail fonts, creation of full fonts from lettering/logo, language extension, script extensions, font production and engineering.


Luke Prowse

Founder & Designer

Luke has designed typefaces for some of the biggest brands and organisations in the world, spanning consumer electronics, broadcast television, FMCG’s and various cultural institutions. He began his professional career at sixteen as a developer before working across a breadth of visual design for agencies in Paris, London and Berlin.

J.B Morizot

Type Designer & Font Engineer

Jean-Baptiste Morizot was born in France in 1983. He released his first typeface (Bluu, 2013) as an open source font, and then worked as font engineer and type designer for various foundries. He launched his own foundry (Phantom Foundry) in 2018 and joined NaN at the end of 2021, working on both retail and custom fonts.

Fátima Lazaro

Type Designer

Fatima lives and works between Paris, France and Mexico City, Mexico, her native country. She joined the Esad Type programme in Amiens in 2016. There, she designed her first typeface Cardone, recently released at 205TF. She shares her time between NaN, her own typographic practice and as part of the cycling project NVAYRK.

Jérémy Landes

Designer & Foundry Support

Originally from the South West of France but now based in Berlin, Jérémy mixes his love for organic shapes and fresh food in his creations going from corporate identities to custom and retail typefaces under his alias Studio Triple. He also contributes since 2011 to the Velvetyne Type Foundry, creating and releasing open-source typefaces.

Marcus Piper

Australian Associate

With over two decades of international experience crafting editorial and brand design, our Australian Associate knows exactly how type should be used and where. His ability to transcend aesthetic trends and guide pure typographic solutions is an asset to both NaN and our international clientele.


Studio Dog

NaN’s studio manager / night owl / community manager / chaos master. No one ever met it (them?) although we find disturbing traces of its passing way too often to negate its existence.

Don’t follow it on twitter.

Library Designers

We’re always on the lookout for fresh points of typographic view. If you have a design that you think could fit our library then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Christoph KoeberlinNaN Tresor
Jérémy LandesNaN Jaune, Success
Jack LlewellynNaN Spaceland
Jean-Baptiste MorizotNaN Tragedy, Metrify
Luke ProwseNaN Holo, Weiss, Fiasco, Metrify
Reymund SchröderNaN Hyena


We work with a wide variety of talented collaborators and even better people. We’re lucky to say that every single one has made an outsized contribution and made us smile along the way.

Kostas Bartsokas — Greek Consultation
Naïma Ben Ayed — Arabic Script Design
Harry Bennett — Copywriting
Igino Marini — Font Metrics & Engineering
Myriam Heinzel — Illustrator
Johannes Neumeier — Web Development
Daria Petrova — Cyrillic Consultation
Michael Tan — Visual Artist
Rosalie Wagner — Engineering Support

Select Clients

We have designed typefaces with some of the biggest agencies and brands in the world. Here is a short list of the ones we are allowed to talk about:

Call Of Duty
Channel 4
Costa Coffee
Design Studio

Ragged Edge
Riot Games
Walkie Talkie


Figlet ticker fonts
Chairman Miaow sound
Website Development