Cats Protection

Trial fonts


Alongside London-based creative agency Lukecharles, we joined forces to rebrand Cats Protection, the UK’s largest feline welfare charity, founded in 1927. To help guide the charity into its second century of supporting feline kind, we developed a trio of titling typefaces inspired by the unique personality, playfulness and peculiarities of cats and cat ownership.

To do so, the entire font family embodied semi-rounded features, appearing catlike in its gentle yet spirited nature – constructed of solid slabs and soft serifs with calligraphic roots referencing the movement of cats. This primary style is befitted with playful alternatives that, whilst keeping their structure, apply flourishing swashes to most glyphs and alternates. With loops entering and exiting dynamic strokes, the font couldn’t resist alluding to the distinctive form of a cat’s tail.

Bringing the font family together, we crafted a calmer, rounded sans to complete the trio – applying a soft ending to a humanistic (or perhaps felinistic) sans to offer a more relaxed typographic companion, carrying the brand’s values more discreetly.

Custom Typeface
Year: 2023
Client: Cats Protection

Agency: Lukecharles
Team: NaN, Lukecharles