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AtkinsRéalis is one of the biggest engineering groups in the world. Together with Interbrand, we sought to reimagine their identity.

With Atkins Réalis set on building the world of tomorrow, Interbrand rooted the brand concept in the brilliant minds across the firm, resulting in the creation of two type families to show the ever-ongoing construction at Atkins Réalis, all while championing their workforce.

The type family duo offered daringly opposing personalities: GameChanger and Bienvenue. A distinctive titling sans-serif with square counters contrasting its rounded outer shapes, GameChanger creates distorted outlines visually referencing separate machined parts. Meanwhile, Bienvenue is a clear-cut, no-bullshit neo-grotesk with subtle details and a crisp legibility. Together, both families share the same proportions and weight, working harmoniously to serve Atkins Réalis human-centred technological identity.

Custom Typeface
Year: 2023
Client: AtkinsRéalis

Agency: Interbrand
Team: NaN, Interbrand