Miscellaneous experiments, opensource fonts and tools.

Generative Fonts showcases a collection of free-to-use, free-to-modify fonts that were generated by code as well as the scripts themselves.

This Font Does Not Exist

In collaboration with Production Type we trained a machine learning model on around 30,000 font bios to generate descriptions of speculative fonts.

Machine Learning Font

Could a machine learning model be trained to generate realistic (or just interesting) letterforms? As it turns out, yes, albeit with mixed results. A styleGAN model was trained in RunwayML on a dataset of 2674 Google fonts organised as individual image-per-glyph in Drawbot. Runway-generated images were then piped via Python in to GlyphsApp to process the final font.

Full project and downloadable fonts released under the SIL Open Font License:

<Confusify>, Python and GlyphsApp Scripts

A confusable is a glyph that is so similar to another that it may be confused for it. generates fonts that when typed automatically swap confusables for the original. All confusables generated are existing characters in the source font. In that sense it’s a remix.

Select pre-processed fonts released under the SIL Open Font License:

Generative Design

We continually explore and play with the possibilities of generative design in typographic and audiovisual contexts. Find more on our instagram.

Opensource p5js Glyph Map

We needed a glyph map (aka character map) for our own needs and decided to share the code in the hope other small type foundries will find it useful. It’s built on the opensource javascript framework