Koto partnered with us to give the Outernet, a new live-music and shopping venue in the heart of London, a distinctive typographic voice.

With its unique 200m pixel canvas of screens deploying on the façade of their 2 buildings, the Outernet needed a strong type presence as a glue to bring together a palette of contents diverse in their nature.

Aiming for a video-first application, we took advantage of variable fonts technology to create a display monospace family allowing it to be animated in its weight while keeping the same width. This titling family inherits from the specificities of monospace coding fonts, doubling down on the tech-oriented, physical internet identity of the venue. A second, calmer, proportional sub-family was then created to undertake the job of setting longer quantities of text.

Custom Typeface
Year: 2021
Client: The Outernet

Agency: DBLG
Team: NaN, Grant Gilbert