Trial License

Trial fonts
Plan de travail 25

All trial fonts are available for non-commercial testing purposes only. While you decide whether to choose our fonts for your commercial project you are permitted to use them in your experiments, mock-ups and presentations. Should you decide to use our fonts in a commercial project you are required to purchase the appropriate license. Students are permitted to use all trial fonts but likewise must purchase a license should a project become a commercial one.

Modifications to the font software or the design embodied therein is not permitted.

Feel free to contact us directly with any questions.

Trial EULA

This End User License Agreement (EULA) is a legal agreement made between / Luke Prowse of Weichselplatz 3, Fabriken, Berlin, 12045, Germany (from now on referred as ‘NaN’), and the Licensee (from now on referred as ‘you’). By accessing, downloading, installing, or using any Trial Font, you agree to be bound by this Agreement.


Follow the rules below and everything’s hunky dory. Unclear, email us: [email protected]


NaN is providing Trial Fonts to you for testing, experimenting and evaluation. You acknowledge that Trial Fonts may be limited in function for that purpose and not enable you to create a complete set of characters, symbols, glyphs, letters, or punctuation. NaN has no obligation under this Agreement to provide any support or consultation concerning any Trial Font.

If such Trial Fonts are too limited for your intended testing, please feel free to write us to [email protected] , explaining your project, and we will consider sending you the full versions.

Trial fonts are not complete fonts.

Permitted Use

You may use Trial Fonts only for internal testing and evaluation purposes, such as mock-ups or presentations to clients to showcase potential uses of any Trial Font (“Permitted Uses”). Any other use, such as public facing uses, requires a paid, commercial license from NaN. The Trial Fonts cannot be shared with others.

Students may use Trial Fonts for their student work and, as such, show it in their studying environment or in their public portfolio. Students may not use Trial Fonts for paid work. For students keen on owning a life-long full license, we offer a 80% discount. Please write us at [email protected] with your student document to redeem your discount.

You can use those trial fonts for testing purpose only.

Students can use the trial fonts, but for school projects only.


The licensee agrees that the Font Software and Fonts embodied herein are copyright-protected, and that all intellectual, moral and property rights including copyrights, design rights and other rights to the Font Software and the Fonts (including the design, software, artwork, the metadata, Font Software etc.) rest solely with NaN. These rights are not limited to any geographical area but apply worldwide.

Our fonts are copyright protected.

Limited Liability

Neither Party will be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or conse- quential damages, or lost profits, that may arise in connection with this Agreement. Foundry’s liability arising out of this Agreement will not exceed the amount you paid for the Trial Fonts.

The Trial Fonts are provided “AS IS”. NaN makes no warranties, express or implied, and disclaims all implied warranties, including any warranty of merchantability or warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.

Follow the rules below and everything’s hunky dory. Unclear, email us: [email protected]


Modifications to the Trial Font software or the design embodied therein is not permitted.

You can’t modify the font itself but you can disfigure it in your favorite graphic design software.